Fermenter King Junior 20L PET Pressure Fermenter Keg

Fermenter King Junior 20L PET Pressure Fermenter Keg

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Ferment under pressure, carbonate and serve all in one vessel for an amazing price

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Fermenting under pressure has huge benefits, including low ester formation, less dependence on temperature control, oxygen-free transfer and beer that is near- carbonated after fermentation. For homebrewers and small batch brewers, pressure fermentation allows for faster fermentation times.

The Fermenter King Junior comes from the same tank mould as Keg King’s Silver P.E.T. 20L King Kegs but is made using the clear P.E.T. material used to manufacture P.E.T. Pressure Fermenter and Unitank Range.

Fermenter King Junior is a great way to ferment beer, cider and wine Kits. Its relatively small size makes fermenting up to 18L of beverage simple.

Add a SPUNDY to control the internal pressure of the fermenter.

After fermentation, you can carbonate your beer in the Fermenter King Junior.

Attach Fermenter King Junior to your tap system or any hand held tap and serve directly out of the fermenter.

Alternatively, you can transfer carbonated beverages oxygen free easily from Fermenter King Junior into a keg 


Width = 259.4mm at base

Height = 586.9mm to top of posts on lid

Please note there have been a couple of minor design changes since the video was produced. The posts now screw in place rather than being a bulkhead style and alterations to the design mean that pressure relief valve chamber with silicone bung is no longer required.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Country of Origin cn
HS Code 3923309000

1 review for Fermenter King Junior 20L PET Pressure Fermenter Keg

  1. Martin Hudson (verified owner)

    Really easy to set up and use almost immediately from opening the box. Great value and good quality feel to all the parts.
    Great for doing small trail batches or using using as a keg. I’ll definitely be ordering another very soon

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