Gen3.2 27L FermZilla Tri-Conical Pressure Brewing Kit

Gen3.2 27L FermZilla Tri-Conical Pressure Brewing Kit

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Includes all accessories to ferment under pressure

Integrated Gauge BlowTie Kit (0-15psi)


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Yellow FermZilla - Liquid/Gas Post Plastic Carbonation Cap × 2


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RED FermZilla - Liquid/Gas Post Plastic Carbonation Cap × 2


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Fermentation Heating Wrap Belt - With Velcro Strap (30watts)

Very low watt density, can be used with both plastic and stainless fermenters.

100cm Silicone Dip Tube Kit with Filter and Float


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Now in its 3rd generation, KegLand have honed this product ever since the first model was launched. Listening to customer feedback has resulted in this very latest model which includes Tri Clamp fitting for the bottom of the tank, butterfly valve and collection container. This makes assembly and disassembly very quick and easy.

Now with 3 Inch Tri-Clover ferrule moulded into the tank and a 600mL Collection container with a 3 Inch Tri-clover connection, the gold standard for sanitary design and effortless removal. This unit was born from customer feedback we received on the Gen2 Model. No more complicated dump valve designs here, just simplicity. Brew with confidence on the new Tri-Clover FermZilla Range.

What does the pressure brewing kit come with?

FermZilla Plastic Pressure Kit
Integrated Gauge BlowTie Kit (0-15psi)
Yellow FermZilla – Liquid/Gas Post Plastic Carbonation Cap
RED FermZilla – Liquid/Gas Post Plastic Carbonation Cap

1 x 27L Conical FermZilla Tri-Conical Base Kit (unassembled)
1 x 27L Gen3 Tri-Conical Tank with metal neck ring
1 x Standard Top Lid, with Red PRV (35psi) [2 x Male PCO1881 Cap Threads] [Up to 4 drill ports for accessories]
1 x Collar Lid Ring
1 x Grommet PCO1881 Black Cap + 1 x Blank PCO1881 Black Cap for lid
1 x Premium 3 Piece Airlock
1 x 3 inch tri clover to 3 inch tri clover Butterfly Valve

1 x 3″tri clover blank to seal collection container
1 x 600mL Collection Container & Lid* [2 x Male Cap Threads] Can be used on a stir plate
2 x Blank PCO1881 Black Cap
2 x 3 piece ~ 3 inch tri clover clamp [+ 2 x 3″ Beaded Silicone Seal]
1 x Stainless Stand with swing handles
1 x Stainless Steel Handle Assembly
1 x Strip Stick On Thermometer
1 x Level indicator sticker (Litres and Gallons)
1 x Spare Lid O-Ring
1 x Spare Collection Container O-Ring

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Weight 30 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 3923309000

3 reviews for Gen3.2 27L FermZilla Tri-Conical Pressure Brewing Kit

  1. Phil Green (verified owner)

    Outstanding piece of kit enabled me to brew brilliant tasting lager for the first time. Did the seven day lager recipe with 50g of melanoidin as featured on MM’s YouTube channel. Fermented at 22 psi and 25 C. Finished in two and a bit days. Left on trub for three. Cold-crashed then direct transferred with finings into a Corny. Drinking (not just tasting) eight days after brewing. Sensational result.

  2. Phil Green (verified owner)

    Sorry, should be 12 psi, not 22.

  3. Chris Whittaker

    Transformative for my brewing. Have been using pressure barrels for years with good results. Decided to try pressure fermentation to increase my options. First batch was an Oatmeal Stout recipe I know well, increasing carbonation and/or not needing to transfer to secondary has produced a much cleaner and lighter product. Have now got the Cali Common ale minimash kit under pressure.
    The fermenter and a couple of oxybar 8L kegs are a great and cost effective intro to kegging, the system is brilliantly thought out with interchangeable, cheap, components. Loads more possibilities now.

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