33 Litre Stainless Boiler & Burner combination

33 litre stainless boiler that is ready to go with stainless steel tap and hop filter ready fitted.

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7.5kw gas burner and stand

Includes 7.5kw burner, propane regulator and gas hose.

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This boiler with burner and grain steeping bag is all the equipment required to be able to brew from grain or extract.  Just add a propane bottle.

This is available in 33, 50, 70 and 98 litre versions. The 50 litre is the best option for a 40 pint brew length.

Simply steep the grain at the temperature and time stated in the recipe, remove and then boil the resulting liquor with hops.

Brewing from grain does not have to be complicated. This is an economical, easy step that will be expandable as experience is gained.

Stainless steel boiler with stainless hop filter and full bore two-piece stainless steel valve with hose barb. Stainless lid included.


NOTE: Although these pots are not magnetic they can be used on induction hobs, however you’ll need at least a 3kw hob for them. We have tested and used successfully on a 3Kw Buffalo Hob.



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7.5kw gas burner and stand

Weight 8 kg


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