70 Litre Stainless Kettle & Burner Combination


70 Litre Stainless Kettle & Burner Combination

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70 litre stainless kettle and 7.5kW gas burner

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Large Grain Bag/Kettle Liner - BIAB - Brew in a Bag

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Perfect combination as either a Kettle or HLT as part of a multiple vessel system. However, just add the optional BIAB bag and you have a one pot, Brew in the Bag ( BIAB ) set up. Everything is included, all that needs adding is a Propane bottle.

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304 Grade stainless steel kettle including hop filter, dial temperature gauge with brewing parameters, etched volume markings and silicone finished handles that allow the lid to hang on the side. The two piece valve for emptying the vessel is finished with a hose barb that is suitable for silicone tubing

The kettle is perfectly matched to the 7.5kW gas burner to give fast and efficient heating.

Check out the video below, it shows just how easy it is to brew from grain using a very similar set up.


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Weight 35 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 7310291000


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