Used refurbished 19 litre Stainless Keg - GRADE 2 - NOT WELDED

Used refurbished 19 litre Stainless Keg – GRADE 2 – NOT WELDED


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Cleaned, machine polished and O-rings replaced

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These are grade 2 refurbished 19 litre stainless steel ball lock kegs.

They have been cleaned, machine polished and had the O-rings replaced on the lid, PRV, liquid and gas dip tubes along with 2 on each post. They also have two spare post O rings.

The lids are all stainless steel premium brands ( AEB / SAFER / CORNELIUS ) and feature a PRV.

Being made out of stainless steel makes these kegs extremely durable. They have been machine polished and there will be black polishing residue on the kegs, this can easily be cleaned off.

All kegs are sent out pressurised and are liquid and gas tight.  They show signs of wear and tear and some dents are present . The rubber tops and bottoms are serviceable but may have battle scares. In rare cases the rubber can leave marks if wet.

The kegs have not be repaired by means of welding

Made in Europe by AEB / SAFER / CORNELIUS or similar

Height – 56cm  Width – 23cm

Please note kegs are shorter and wider than the brand new Premium AEB kegs.

For more information on kegging your beer we have produced blog posts to try and help answer the common questions:

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Also be sure to check out the video section of our site or our You Tube Channel

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As with any purchase of equipment which is going to come into contact with wort or beer we would always recommend you carry out your own cleaning and sanitisation process before using to remove any manufacturing oils and reduce risk of any infection of your brew.

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Weight 5 kg
Country of Origin PL
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