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True To Style – All Grain Recipe Kit Range

Posted on 3rd April 2023

It’s no secret that here at TMMHQ we love brewing beer from all grain! The joy of brewing this way is like no other in the hobby. When you arrive at the point of sipping your first pint of a beer made a few weeks prior and the anticipation of discovering how it has turned out is wonderfully satisfying! 

When we started home brewing, we all brewed beers that were both simple to understand but also rewarding in the glass. We regularly found ourselves thumbing through books like “Brewing Classic Styles” by Jamil Zainasheff for inspiration and before long we found our own niche. Rakey loves chasing lagers, Rob can’t get enough of Stouts, Jo loves a Hoppy Pale Ale and Stiffo takes on IPAs and Best Bitters regularly! 

The landscape has changed recently, the beer drinker is seeing the cost of a pint go up and this factor is also being felt through the home brewing hobby. Ingredient prices have risen inline with the cost to produce these items, malt now costs more to kiln due to the energy needed and hops are dried by electric or diesel heaters. Dried yeast options also have significant energy consumption to get them into their dried forms. All these factors have led to a rise in many of the recipe kits which we know people love to brew at home.

As a business that firmly places our customer at the heart of everything we do, we felt it was high time to work on something to help home brewers make great beer at home but at accessible price points. That’s where the idea of “True To Style” came from. A selection of recipe kits that have one important take, taste great at a price for all! 

To make it a real challenge for us we set ourselves some stipulations on the recipes: 

  • They needed to under £25
  • They needed to be 23l, 40 pint batches.
  • Showcase something awesome, that could be an ingredient or process. 
  • Accessible strengths, which means you can enjoy more than a couple of pints
  • Finally, we wanted them to represent specific styles from the BJCP style guidelines. (loosely…)

There’s 10 recipe kits to get things started and we’re planning to update and add to them over the year and seasonality in beer changes. The kits are from a wide range in the style selections and include some traditional beers, some newer styles and a few which are more advanced to brew, like #9 Munich Helles which features a stepped mash profile.

One thing that had to remain when we considered these recipes was our approach to quality. We had to ensure the ingredients in these kits were to the same standards as any other recipe kit or ingredient you may buy from us. For example, all the malts are milled to order. We never buy in pre crushed malt to supply to our customers as we simply can’t guarantee either freshness or consistency. If you have 25kg sacks of pre-crushed malt in stock the crushed grains separate out over time, the flour sinks to the bottom of the bag  and this means that when you order this malt there is a high chance you won’t get as much of the good stuff in your bag OR you may get too much and have other problems!

We wouldn’t use these kits as an opportunity to clear out old stock either, they feature the same ingredients as anything else we sell. We’ve had to be a little creative and selective with some of the hop choices to keep us under the budget we set but that means you get to try something new! This approach to quality is a core belief at The Malt Miller and something we will never compromise on as you deserve only the best ingredients to make great beer with at home.

We know you’ll love brewing these beers just as much as we enjoyed the process of creating them for you. Placing set parameters on yourself as a brewer can light the spark of creativity and imagination, something that we love! If you have any suggestions on styles for us to try and build into the range please let us know with a reply below!

Have a Great Brew! 🍻

6 thoughts on “True To Style – All Grain Recipe Kit Range”

  1. anthony stockle says:

    Excellent news. I brew all my beers in a 20 litre Braumeister and look forward to trying these new kits. I find all your existing AG packs to be of good quality and my son (who always demands a couple of bottles) says they taste “great”.

  2. Stephen Helsdon says:

    What an absolutely brilliant idea and fantastic selection to start off with too. These certainly tick all the boxes for me and I look forward to purchasing a couple on my next order.

  3. J Dell says:

    Great idea and will try some of these out for sure. One suggestion I would make, in keeping with the helping customers save money vibe would be to have an option to leave out certain ingredients if we already have them. For example I might want to brew the golden ale recipe but I already have the Nottingham yeast or some golden promise I need to use up…..

  4. Sam Taylor says:

    Looks like a good selection! Is it possible to know the quantities of malt used please?

  5. Ian Banham says:

    Hi, could you please email me the brewing instructions for true to style #2 in a print friendly format as I didn’t receive any with my order.

    1. Robert Neale says:

      Hey Ian, all the instructions are on the product page. If you need to know how to calculate liquor volumes see here

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